Fast Facts


Deferred Maintenance – Outdated Facilities Must Be Renovated and Upgraded

    • Approximately $300 million plus in identified need for repairs and maintenance

    • Average facility age: Approximately 38 years old

      • Oldest school: Orange Park Elementary 91 years

      • 25 percent of schools are approaching 50 years or older

    • State Funding Cuts Over Time

      • $0 for PECO (state’s public education capital outlay) New Growth/$0 for PECO Maintenance

      • Impact Fees can only be used for new growth and not deferred maintenance

    • District has 900 plus portables, which are inefficient, unsightly, and impossible to harden for safety

    • Third most portables in the state (Miami-Dade (1st) and Orange County-Orlando (2nd))

New Growth – New Schools

    • Approximately $300 million in new growth

    • There is a need for 5-7 schools in the next 10 years

    • Clay named Fastest Growing County in Florida

    • Number of Projected New Homes: 15,534

    • Number of Projected New Students: 6,636

Proposed Projects

    • Safety/Security Upgrades

    • Capital Improvements- Permanent Classroom Additions (Portable Reduction)

    • New Growth Construction – 7 NEW SCHOOLS

    • Classroom Technology Improvements

    • Energy Efficiency Improvements

    • Building Envelope Improvements

    • Mechanical- HVAC/Control Upgrades

    • Plumbing Upgrades

    • Food and Nutrition Service Upgrades

    • Educational Program Improvements

    • Classroom Furniture Replacement

    • Transportation Facility Upgrade

    • Centralized Services Facility

Current Facilities Need: $318,293,650
New Growth Need: $300,000,000
Total Need: 618,293,650
Proposed Revenue from Half Cent Sales Tax (Annually): $13,464,333; (30 years): $403,929,990
*Proposed Revenue from Half Cent Sales Tax of $403,929,990 does not meet the TOTAL NEED of 618,293,650