Citizens Advisory Committee


Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee was approved at the May 6, 2021 Board Meeting.   The Ballot measure included language which called for the creation of a Citizens Advisory Committee to monitor and report on the use of the sales surtax revenues to assure the public that the monies are being utilized as provided for by state law. 

District One

Horace Tucker-expires May 6, 2024

Rhonda Jett-expires May 6, 2026

Mike Cella- Alternate

District Two

Peter Antonacci- expires May 6, 2024

Seidah Durante- expires May 6, 2026

Paul Casanova- Alternate

District Three

Alan Watt- expires May 6, 2024

Glenn Stroman- expires May 6, 2026

Harrison Clark-Alternate 

District Four

Shawn Jackson- expires May 6, 2024

Samuel J. Kilgore- expires May 6, 2026

Donald Triest- Alternate

District Five

Felicia Hampshire-expires May 6, 2024

Scotty Taylor- expires May 6, 2026

Thomas Smith-Alternate


Jeff Nelson- expires May 6, 2024

Samantha Lawson- Alternate